because laughing maniacally feels best when done together

bc I love publix.

bc I love publix.

A day in the life of a newborn’s mom

Sleepiness, struggles, and love

Constantly feeding,

and though this new mom’s not eating,

Clothes no longer fit like a glove

Maternity leave, though short, is sweet

Days spent with the love of my life

He naps, I clean, I cook, I learn

How to be mom as well as a wife

“Once he has his shots,” they say

“He’ll be good to go out among others.

Until then, stay in and use social media

To bond with local mothers.”

Eight weeks were long but so I waited

Til my son was in the clear

“Today we go to PUBLIX!” I said,

“We are SO outta here!”

I nervously wondered how it would be

As we fought to get on his onesie

“I’m pumped for all the BOGOS we’ll find!”

(There usually are a ton-sy.)

I guess I bring his car seat in?

And put it in the cart?

Is that what other mommies do

When shopping at the mart?

I guess I change his diaper now

And hope that he stays dry?

I guess I pray that we’ll be quick?

And he won’t start to cry?

Nervously we walk inside

I pretend to know what I’m doing

I probably have five good minutes to shop

Before little guy will start cooing

Some friendly faces greet me

And I score BOGO spaghetti

Another new mom shares a smile

I know that she just gets me

The aisles are oh so spacious

The products organized and neat

Oh well would you lookie there

A discount on some meat!

I take out my phone and text the hubs

“What should we have for dinner?”

Rotisserie chicken, mac and cheese

So much to consider!

Little man smiles and a worker asks

“How are you today?”

“I’m out of the house, the sun is shining,

I’m fabulous, one might say!”

Checking out the deli now

My husband needs salami

Quick, polite and friendly workers

A pleasant trip for this mommy

“Hey, I’m no longer pregnant!” I thought

And so some sushi I did grab

I had to reward myself afterall

For the deals and sales I’d nab

Over to the seafood section we go

“Dad loves shrimp and fettuccine”

“Have a great day!” the fish man did say

The chances I won’t are teeny.

“Oh my, the basket is so full

With my son and all my new stuff

How ever will I get them all into the car?

This is going to be tough.”

“Wait, I am at Publix,” I thought.

How could I be so silly?

As I checked out, my bags were packed

By a young man who called himself Billy.

“I’d like to come with you to your car

And pack it up today

You can worry about buckling your son

And you’ll both be on your way.”

I grinned and accepted and Billy made sure

Everything was packed nice and neat

Cold stuff here, perishables there,

The shampoo away from the meat

“Enter your phone number,” the cashier said,

If you have any digital coupons.”

“Oh I sure do,” I beamed and bragged

And got my money-saving groove on.

Billy packed up the whole trunk

And waved goodbye with a smile

Had he known I’ve been inside?

Could he tell it’s been a while?

Did the deli workers know?

Did the fish man have a suspicion?

That this was my first time out in ages

And I was on a mission?

To quickly grab all that I needed

But do so with a child?

Think of dinners, prep lunches

And save money all the while?

How nice to know I did all this

And kept a smile on little man’s face

For all the above and to feel local love

Publix is my place.

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