because laughing maniacally feels best when done together

the night before.

the night before.

I forgot to share this one from a few months back when I was returning to work after maternity leave. <3

I know that it’s okay I work

I know that you’ll be fine

I hope that spending less time together

Gets easier with time

Tomorrow I return to work

And you have your own sitter

And though I’m blessed to work from home

I can’t help but feel bitter

Other countries let their mommies

Stay home for a year

They still are paid, they get to bond

Daycare is no fear

Here in the United States

We’d never make enough

To raise you on one salary

It surely would be tough

And since I don’t have a choice

I guess all I can do

Is think about the time I had

These last three months with you

When I think about the days

I just wanted to rest

I wish I could have told myself

That these days are the best

When I rushed to clean the house

Once you were fed and slumbered

I wish someone had told me then

Our days were truly numbered

Though I held you quite a lot

I wish I’d held you more

Instead of worrying about the wash

Or sweeping up the floor

I wish I looked more at your eyes

Instead of the TV

I melt so much when you just smile

From recognizing me

I wish we’d had just loads of fun

I wish I’d worried less

Like whether you could have formula

Or if breast milk was best

It’s not that we won’t still have fun

On weekends and each night

It’s just that things are about to change

And it doesn’t yet feel right

I hope that you aren’t mad at me

I hope you understand

We have to make money to send you to college

Cuz baby, that’s the plan!

I know that it’s ok I work

I know that you’ll be fine

I think that I will always say,

“I wish we had more time.”

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