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my children’s book

my children’s book

Tried submitting this to a whole bunch of publishers but got no takers.  I still like it. <3


On a little city street,
Where buses would pass by,
Lived a young and stellar lad
Whose parents named him Guy.
When the Smiths couldn’t mow their lawn,
When Miss Jones needed help to the car,
When Little Jackie was being bullied,
Guy was never too far.
He always did the right thing
Or at least he’d try,
And when his neighbors would see him, they’d wave
And say, “there goes that Good Guy!”
Because their son behaved so well
His parents finally agreed
Guy could pick out a dog of his choice
Any age, any breed!
Guy decided that getting a puppy
Would surely make him content.
So on a cloudy Saturday,
Off to the pet store they went.
As they waited at a light,
Guy began to stare
At a dog he’d seen before
With no owner to care.
It appeared he had no tags
A blanket, but no bed.
And by the looks of his frailty
He clearly hadn’t been fed.
“I think that dog could use some help
Could you pull over Mom, please?”
“I think we better keep going, Guy.
That dog could have some fleas.”
They drove along and Guy did try
To forget the dog on the street
Instead he tried to focus on
The puppies he would meet!
When they arrived at the store,
They saw dogs of all types:
Furry, small, soft, and tall
Even some with stripes!
Guy struggled to pick out
A puppy of one kind.
Truth be told, he couldn’t get
The stray dog off his mind.
“Look at this one!” Guy’s mom saw
A puppy, small and brown
And eager though he tried to be
All Guy could do was frown.
“I know I said I wanted a puppy,”
Guy said as he inched towards the door.
“But I know deep inside that the dog we drove by
Surely needs me more.”
His mother saw Guy was so sad
Puppy-picking was to be fun.
One look into Good Guy’s eyes
She knew what had to be done.
They bought no dog but left with
A new leash, some food, a collar
And back to Mellow Street they went
Where Guy let out a holler,
“Here, boy!” he yelled out and the dog
Came running without a thought
He proved to be happier
Than any puppy they could have bought.
Guy opened up the door.
The dog jumped in his arms with a whoosh.
“I’d like to take him home, Mom.
I think I’ll name him Schmoosh.”
His mom agreed and said,
“Let’s take him over to the vet.
I want to take care of his needs
So he can be your pet.”
They went to Dr. Wilson’s place
His tests came back okay.
A few shots here, a haircut there,
And they were on their way.
With every second that went by
Schmoosh was more on the mend
Good Guy and Schmoosh shared a smile
Each had a new best friend.
“Thanks for my new dog!” Guy said,
“I’m glad he isn’t ill.
He just needed someone to love him,
And trust me, Mom, I will.”

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