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21 Ways You’re KILLIN’ it.

21 Ways You’re KILLIN’ it.

Ya know, I’m all for the sappy articles that remind moms they’re “good enough” and doing a “good job,” but their intended message of empowerment nearly brings me DOWN to the belief that I’m just achieving the bare minimum when Mom-ing.

In fact, if I weren’t particularly sassy and self-confident, I might have forgotten that I’m actually KILLIN this whole mom thing, if I do say so myself.

I even paid my sister a compliment yesterday on her mom skills and she was gracious just to receive the praise.

“Thank you! Moms never get compliments,” she said with a laugh.

Oh, hell no.

Since she’s a fabulous mom who somehow needed a reminder that she’s not only achieving this whole Mom thing, but is also in fact kicking its ASS, maybe others need a reminder, too.

If you meet just one of the following, at least in my opinion, YOU’RE KILLIN’ IT MOMMA.  And if you meet plenty of this criteria, well, now you’re just showing off.

  1. If you’re nurturing a newborn, nipples sore or formula canister dwindling… if you’re spending more nighttime hours awake than asleep… if your little one looks to you for comfort, you’re killin’ it.
  2. If you’re working and your child is cared for by someone else so that you can contribute financially to your family, you’re killin’ it.
  3. If you’re a stay-at-home mom finding time to cook and do laundry in the midst of meltdowns and playdates, you’re killin’ it.
  4. If, in the midst of your hectic schedule, you find time to work out– or enjoy any hobby at all like oh, I don’t know, blogging– at any given moment, you’re killin’ it.
  5. If you’re raising a toddler that punches you in the face more than you’d like and you take the hits like its a boxing championship round, you’re killin’ it.
  6. If you read your little one stories and find the joy in bath time, you’re killin’ it.
  7. If you treat yourself to a well-deserved beer or glass of wine, girl, you are killin’ it.
  8. If you wake up, shower, apply make-up, prepare and drive to your kids to daycare before going to work for the day, then leave to pick him/her up before getting dinner on the table and throwing in a load of laundry before crashing on the couch to enjoy one single favorite TV show of yours, you’re killin’ it.
  9. If you’re doing it alone, you’re killin’ it.
  10. If you’re working, raising kids already, and you’re pregnant, GIRL, you’re killin’ it.
  11. If your house is somehow mostly clean most of the time, you’re killin’ it.
  12. If you can think of just one sacrifice you made today on behalf of your family, you’re killin’ it.
  13. If you’re able to find time for a date night and you show up decked out in high heels, your face beat with Ulta or Bare Minerals or whatever tickles your fancy, girl, you’re killin’ it.
  14. If there are no dishes in your sink right now, you’re killin’ it.
  15. If you find time, opportunity, and a side budget to treat yourself to a mani/pedi every once in a while or hey, even routinely, you’re killin’ it.
  16. If you’ve got a college fund going for your little one, you’re killin’ it.
  17. If one peep from the monitor instantly wakes you from the deepest slumber out of fear and concern, you’re killin’ it.
  18. If you wince at spending money on things you wouldn’t have thought twice about in the past and find yourself thinking stuff like, “that could be a box of diapers instead,” you’re killin’ it.
  19. If you suppress your own stress in order to fulfill the various roles you play in any given day– be it mom, worker, wife, daughter, sister, mentor, boss– you’re killin’ it.
  20. If your little ones have grown, and your house is finally quiet, and you find yourself plagued with wonder of where they are, what they might be doing, when you should call, and if they’re okay, you’re killin’ it.
  21. If you read any of these and high-fived yourself a little inside, it’s because you’re killin’ it.

And if ya don’t know, now ya know.

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