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7 Ups & Downs of Offering-Up

7 Ups & Downs of Offering-Up

First of all, easy money? I’m for it!

I’ve been a user of the app OfferUp for about three years. I first learned of it through a sponsored FB ad. I got excited at the sound of easily selling valuable– and sometimes invaluable– things to others who wanted them.

As the concept has taken off, so has the arrival of competitors, such as LetGo. I don’t truly know who was in the game first. I just know that, to this day, I prefer OfferUp.

Why? For one, since OfferUp at least SEEMS to have been the app to launch first, its users are OGs. They’re serious buyers looking for actual bargains and they actually show up when they say they will. In comparison– at least to me– LetGo is almost more a social yard sale app where people are just window shopping. In fact, sometimes it seems as though someone will write you with the auto-suggested conversation starters such as “Hi! Is this still available?” and, that’s the end of the conversation. Perhaps they are just trying to elicit a response? Not sure. Not a fan. I DON’T HAVE TIME TO PLAY GAMES!

Still, OfferUp has its drawbacks, too. So here’s a list of the ups-and-downs of offering up your items on either app, because I’ve been there, done that.


Like I said, posting your items with a brief description, a preferred cost, and an attractive photo is a quick, easy means of potentially collecting CASH! No need for yard sale preparation or lugging heavy, bulky items out to your driveway with fingers crossed that a buyer will show for it that day. No purchasing of price stickers, no posting of yard sale signs, no accepting of low-ball offers for the sake of ridding of items altogether. With these apps, you call the shots. When we moved into our house, we wanted to rid of our two-year-old $500 couch and get ourselves an upgrade. We sold it on OU for $300 AND required pick-up. Our old kitchen set? Got it for free from work and sold it for $80. One and done.


Get a copy of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up TODAY if you haven’t already! I spent one flight reading this book and felt like my life changed forever. Even if you find yourself to already be organized, this book will take you to the next level. If you can admit that your surroundings– and therefore mentality– can often easily become cluttered, this is the book for you! With de-cluttering comes the removal of unused items from your surroundings, and what better way to rid of them than to sell them to someone else and make some money in the meantime??


Your yard sale signs will only appeal to those who drive by them, or maybe those who peruse Craigslist and see your listing. The apps allow you to reach interested buyers from miles and miles away.


Okay, on to the downs because there most DEFINITELY are some! Most people, in my experience, show up when they say they will, because that’s a typical human trait– at least I thought it was. A couple weeks back, I was baby-proofing the house so I decided to rid of two hard, standing make-up cases on wheels. A local woman agreed to meet me in a parking lot down the street from both of our houses for my posted price. I interrupted what would normally be dinner time, packed up my son, and had my husband load the car with the cases only to be stood up. Worse, I could tell that she was reading my messages (THANKS TO THE DOUBLE CHECK MARKS FEATURE — 1 point for LetGo!) and was simply ignoring me. Cool. I sold the cases the next day to someone else for $10 less. Would you believe the same woman from the night before tried to meet up for them again? Oh, the tude she got. Oh, the tude!!


Do I really even need to dive into this one? They’re out there. Be careful and trust your gut! I’d rather potentially sell the item to someone else (or not at all!) than meet up with someone who gives me the heebie jeebies. It’s always best to bring a buddy or spouse along anyway if you can.


I just ignore these now. LetGo is infamous for low-ball offers. I don’t even entertain them anymore!


Seven years ago or so, the expression would have been “DO IT FOR THE VINE!” Sometimes I think I enter awkward situations just for the funny story to tell later. Hence my visit to one young man’s house (my husband was with me) to check out a treadmill. Let’s just say the picture must have been a Glamour Shot of the item– all that was missing was the boa. It had looked to be in good condition and was housed ideally in the listing’s picture.

However, upon arrival, the young man greeted me with a puff of a Black & Mild essentially into my face and directed me to the side of the house (yep, outside) where the treadmill was parked under a makeshift tent of some sort. It was in poor condition and had an odor. Still, next to a mildew-smelling, rolled-up carpet and some actual litter, I humored the idea of still purchasing the treadmill by immediately testing it for my needs: well, am I able to comfortably jog on it?

Black & Mild Man gave me a minute to myself– as hubs waited in the car– and I pumped up the speed, soon finding myself awkwardly jogging at an ever-increasing pace while his children pedaled along the street out front of the house wondering who the hell this woman jogging on their outside treadmill was. After a minute or two, I gathered enough courage to admit to myself that this would be the first OfferUp intended purchase I’d be declining. I fought the anxiety of letting B&MM know and said “I’m not going to take it, thanks for letting me try it out!”

He had questions but my eyes widened as I said “bye!” and awkwardly walked back to the car. A drip of sweat formed from my brief work-out and my husband celebrated not having to get the machine into our SUV.

Have you had any awkward encounters on OfferUp or LetGo?? I’d love to hear about them in the comments! Or tweet me, @hopelessMAblog 🙂 Whatevs.

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