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What a Crock #1

What a Crock #1

I don’t know why I was so concerned with getting my 13-month-old to take solids. Looking back to those couple weeks ago, our budget was pretty content to be in the post-formula, pre-solid limbo. Hello, cheap whole milk!!

Now I have this whole new level of challenges. Declan is taking some solids, but I can see that he is going to remain picky about meats, fruits, and veggies. He’ll take fruits and veggies in puree form, for this week at least, but he doesn’t appreciate pureed meat and you know what little guy, I don’t blame you!

I see a plethora of recipe resources for healthy families that enjoy things like lentils and balsamic marinades. Unfortunately, this won’t be the case for us. My husband hates about 4,500 different foods (INCLUDING BALSAMIC), and is more of a meat-and-potatoes kind of guy.

So I’m faced with a new MAJOR daily challenge: stick to a budget, provide healthy nourishment to a picky solid-starter toddler, feed my meat-and-potatoes picky husband, oh, and don’t get any fatter.

Um, can I just quit now?

I LOVE crockpot recipes because they’re easy to make and easy to clean-up. I used to fear them because I once assumed I’d somehow catch my house on fire. I won’t say that fear is entirely gone, but I do work from home so I am able to throw water when necessary. (This is actually frowned upon, isn’t it? But I digress.)

So here’s a small collection of crockpot recipes I stumbled upon that just may fit my criteria. I may just have to limit myself to two tablespoons as my personal portion size– or actually find time to jog on the treadmill– but it’s whatevs.


I’m going to have to try this one with thighs and legs, because I don’t think hubs will otherwise enjoy. Nonetheless, this looks perfectly yummy and could be served with a side of mac and cheese for the little guy.


I’m not a big fan of burgers, but I can amp myself up for this. Ahaha! Oh the things moms and wives do to satisfy their families. Who can resist the smell of onions in the crockpot though anyway? YUM! Literally a meat and potatoes recipe, I don’t see how anything could go wrong here…


Hubs will love!


Hellooo! From the bread that baby is loving to the soft carrots, chicken, and potatoes I’m gunning for him to try, THIS meal is a win-win!



That’s enough for Part 1… I had to run to Aldi to stock up on ingredients. FYI, we ended up having the French Dip Subs for dinner and they were scrumptious. I used Ciabatta rolls and baked them for 6 minutes and then dipped the inside of the bread into the “jus” before stacking and serving with a side of the same.

If your husband is just like mine, you’ll know whether he liked a meal or not if he takes it along for lunch the next day, and that’s exactly where the leftover French Dip Subs are today! WIN!

What’s your favorite family- & toddler- friendly crockpot recipe??

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