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6 UNIQUE Ways to Make MONEY From HOME… While The Baby Sleeps!

6 UNIQUE Ways to Make MONEY From HOME… While The Baby Sleeps!

Are you a Mom looking for some extra cash flow in her downtime?  It turns out it IS possible to bring in some extra income from the comfort of your home, with the help of technology, and WHEN you say so.

Some Moms don’t have time to spare or they may not need or want the extra cash.

This blog isn’t for those Moms.

This is for the Moms who:

  • Have spare time while their one-and-only newborn sleeps peacefully for hours on end
  • Hustle hard and stay up in bed at night wondering what else to do to make ends meet
  • Just want some extra money for things like access to the zoo or a trip to the movies
  • Aren’t interested in the typical wrap, skincare, make-up, handbag, or legging side gig options

If you haven’t yet given one of the following ideas a try, you are surely missing out– sometimes on free money!  Get crafty and get dollars put in– or back in– your purse starting TODAY.


If you’re a fan of the blog, you already know I’m a pretty dedicated fan of OfferUp.  Clutter gives me anxiety.  When I see something I can part with, I can’t fathom the thought of just throwing it away.  Not only could someone probably use that item, I could make money from that opportunity.  There’s a designated room in my house for items essentially in limbo: items I’ve mentally prepared myself to part with that are currently listed on OfferUp and other sell-it apps just waiting for an interested buyer to come along.  You’re always acquiring new things in life, right, so there’s no harm in ridding of the items that don’t suit you or your family anymore and making a little profit in the meantime.  No one has time for a yard sale, so take a quick picture, post a fair cost, and facilitate a time and place for the transaction literally TODAY.  Some of the items I’ve successfully sold include:

  • A $300 couch
  • An $80 kitchen table set
  • A $50 hard make-up case set
  • $35 worth of weights
  • A $100 mattress
  • Other things I can’t remember because being a mom has drastically decreased my already-narrow mental capacity


Can you write?  Do you freelance?  Are you creative?  Can you lend your expertise on a freelance basis to those in need?  Once you sign up for by submitting some writing samples, you’ll be given a rating that will grant you access to a pool of writing projects submitted by clients.  The best part about Textbroker is that you can log on at any time and elect a project with no set schedule.  Upwork functions different in that you can provide an array of services from writing to media consulting to digital advertising and directly communicate with clients. I’ve made a few hundred extra dollars so far and some fabulous contacts by offering my services on Upwork.

Blogging/Product Promotion

If you’re not getting too far by submitting blog entries, listicles, and reviews on behalf of other clients, consider fully immersing yourself in the promotion of your own personal blog.  Do you have a niche?  Do friends and family come to YOU for your genius in any given area?  Do you just think others would benefit from the sounds of your experiences?  The right combination of quality content, affiliate links, and legitimate product support can be extremely financially rewarding with the right amount of work and effort up front.



I looked into this briefly and decided it wasn’t for me, but Rev is a company with remote workers all over that listen to audio recordings and type up the proper captions that will ultimately display once viewed by others.  According to the reviews, it is absolutely legitimate and a good, unique source for extra income that, like Textbroker, can be earned on your own time with no set schedule.

In-Home Daycare

If you stay at home with your child(ren), consider offering up your home as a daycare facility for working moms in need.  When it comes to childcare, some parents would prefer to drop their child(ren) off in someone’s home where the ratio of sitter to kids is smaller than in a typical daycare facility.  You can charge per child, per hour, per week– however you’d like.

Ibotta/Checkout 51

I’ve talked to other moms who say they don’t have time for apps like Ibotta and Checkout 51, but to them I’d say, “give it another shot!”

Sometimes I find myself torn between a low-bill opportunity shopping at Aldi, or an Ibotta- and brand-based trip to Walmart.  With Ibotta, you can check out which brand name snacks, meats, etc. are featured for any given week, and purchase accordingly.  For example, maybe you normally get off-brand whole grain cereal from Aldi because it’s cheap, but Ibotta could be featuring the purchase of actual Cheerios with $1.25 off once you submit your receipt.

The receipt submission process is simple for both apps (just take a photo and SOMETIMES scan a couple barcodes) and the discounted dollars are put right into your account usually same day.  Once you reach $20, you can transfer to your bank… an incredibly simple way to put money you’re already spending right back into your pocket!


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