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5 Must-Have Registry Picks for Soon-To-Be Parents

5 Must-Have Registry Picks for Soon-To-Be Parents

If ever I had to pick a day where I could honestly say I had no idea what I was doing— beyond every day of my son’s life thus far— it’d be the day we created our baby registry.

Before the big scanning day, I remember researching recommended lists and visiting mommy forums for hours on end. I sought opinions and reviews on items such as strollers and car seats.

I was aware of the basics, but most of the items that ended up saving my life a million times over that first year were actually one-off suggestions by friends and family. They weren’t even scanned in-store; I added them online sometime later in a panic once I learned how vital each one was.

So here’s your opportunity to fully scan in-store!

Rock ‘N Play

If you haven’t seen my full review for this product, give it a glance. I truly am not sure that I would have slept for the four months following my son’s birth had it not been for the Rock ‘N Play. This cozy bassinet alternative provides an inclined, snug environment in which your little one can rest. It’s perfect for infants who just aren’t taking to the bassinet or for those who may suffer from acid reflux or severe gas triggered by horizontal positioning. My son slept in it nightly and napped in it daily until he got a bit too tall for it at four months (he’s huge). Considering he hasn’t really slept through the night in his crib since transitioning what was now ten whole LONG sleepless nights ago, i can’t even fathom how cozy he must have been in the Rock ‘N Play.

And they need to start making them for toddlers immediately.

And possibly adults, because I’m very curious.

Shopping Cart Cover

I only just stopped using mine and, truth be told, that’s only because I’ve gotten lazy. I should be careful though, because there’s gotta be a reason why my little guy hasn’t been sick once his whoooole life (all 14 months — knock on wood). A bonus germ blocker, the shopping cart cover provides a comfortable sitting space for your little one so you can focus more on perusing clearance racks and balancing your Frappuccino in Target whilst still being able to steer (honestly, how do Target shopping carts not have cup holders? It drives me nuts.). The cover also eliminates that little concern over whether or not carts are too hot or too cold to use.


Literally on my lap as we speak. Er, as I write?

From supporting the baby’s body as you breast- or bottle-feed to providing back support to one learning to sit up to being your only pillow option in sight when trying to “sleep when the baby sleeps” to, heck, even being a neckrest for tired visitors (this has actually happened), the benefits to having a Boppy (or two!) on hand are ENDLESS.

Grooming Kit

I have yet to buy my son shampoo, ever– not because I don’t bathe him. It’s all thanks to the plethora of bath supplies I received at my baby shower.  From mucus suckers to toenail clippers to baby’s first hair comb, you’re going to need the bulk of these grooming kits for much of the first year.

Breast Pump (if you’re BF-ing) or Bottle Warmer

Since I did both at some point, I can tell you that manually pumping is almost a joke and extremely time-consuming.  You can pump 39849824x more quickly by using an electric breast pump.  Mine was gifted to me but, had I purchased it, I hear that most insurance companies cover the cost!

When we officially transitioned to formula feeding, we were hilariously warming bottles under hot water a) like we had no care in the world in regards to our water bill, b) as our son cried non-stop waiting to be fed, and c) like it worked.  It did… after several excruciating minutes of wasted water.  For like 15 bucks, you can invest in a bottle warmer that will significantly alleviate the stress of THAT entire situation, and help your water bill out along the way…

Apparently, cooler milk causes more gas and, once you hear what the “I have gas” cry sounds like, you’ll wish you already had this one ready to go!

What are your recommended must-haves for new parents?  Let’s hear them!


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