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Product Review & GIVEAWAY!! – The Night Knights

Product Review & GIVEAWAY!! – The Night Knights

Looking for a fun idea to spice up your toddler’s nighttime routine??  Have no fear (literally) — the Night Knights are on their way!

Sir Sleep-A-Lot and Lady Sleep-A-Lot, AKA the “Night Knights”, are the creation of Steve McKillop, a father to two young boys who sought to bring adventure to his little ones’ nighttime experience.

The set, which contains two stuffed figurines and their corresponding story provided in the form of a cute children’s book, is currently available only on a pre-launch basis*.

The concept, which is a bit familiar (I’ll get to that soon), is to enter your child’s room once they’ve fallen asleep and use the Night Knights to stage imaginative scenarios that suggest to your waking little ones that their stuffed friends have endured significant adventures while they slept.

When our set arrived, my 15-month-old– who admittedly falls outside of the recommended age requirement of 3 and up– immediately took to the book’s colorfully detailed pages.  I can certainly see how either one or both of the Knights could quickly become– or even replace– your little ones’ preferred stuffies.  Lightweight, soft, and cute, the Knights are certainly adorable.

The set is a fun idea for syncing the promotion of a full, restful night’s sleep for your toddler with the reward of witnessing the aftermath of their stuffed friends’ overnight antics.  The book describes the Night Knights as personal protectors who just may happen to entertain themselves while keeping a look out for your child’s safety through the night, a suggestion that is both cute and reassuring.

Since my son falls outside of the recommended age group for this product, the cons I discovered with the set wouldn’t likely impact other families, such as the texture of the pages.  Declan is still mostly exposed to only board books that prevent him from ripping pages up easily and help him easily grab and turn the pages himself.  The glossy pages of the book make images shine more brightly and are probably just more suitable to those slightly older than my little guy.

This product reminds me most of the Elf on the Shelf/Santa’s Helper concept, and I think it’s pretty well-known that parents will either adore or despise the process.

Since Dec’s only 15 months, I can’t give a full fair review at this time as to how much delight the Night Knights could potentially bring to your little one’s morning.

Did I point to the Night Knights and Declan squealed a bit with glee?  Yes, but he has a similar reaction if I point and act as equally thrilled about my big toe.

At this point in time, Declan is teething LOTS and he’s already rarely sleeping through the night. Someday, maybe he’ll come to appreciate the effort required of Mommy to stage Night Knight scenarios in his bedroom.

However, if and when he gets there, I’ll admit that’s a duty his Dad can take on, because the last thing I’ll ever dare to do while Declan’s asleep is enter his room to create a battle scene.

This is nothing against the actual product. If you’ve heard anything about my LUCK, you won’t wonder too much why I won’t dare to do this myself…

Let’s just say I can already envision approaching his crib to retrieve Sir Sleep-A-Lot from his grip, tripping in the dark, knocking over his entire hutch, waking him up, and being stuck with an overtired toddler, a destroyed nursery, and a lost night of sleep… but that’s probably just me.

As Steve clarifies, staged scenarios aren’t required, just encouraged!  His boys got a huge kick out of the Night Knights, which brought a lot of fun and adventure to his family as a whole, and it could potentially do the same for yours.

In fact, I believe the introduction of the Night Knights has full potential to entertain a stubborn sleeper or soothe a child otherwise afraid of the dark….I’m just going to ask DAD to be the one to test it out someday.



*The Night Knights are currently available on a pre-launch basis only, but Steve has agreed to do an EXCLUSIVE giveaway NOW for Hopeless Mom*Antics readers and followers only!  Details below!*



To enter for YOUR chance to win the full Night Knight set—which includes Sir Sleep-A-Lot, Lady Sleep-A-Lot, and their story—simply:

  • Visit and register at the bottom of the page, ensuring you provide both your NAME and E-MAIL ADDRESS.


  • Comment “DONE” below once you’ve finished so Steve knows you came from HM*AB!!

That’s it, but You MUST complete both steps in order to be eligible!

Winner will be notified via e-mail on November 15th!

Best of luck to you and knighty-night!


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